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Coaching Week in Yachts & Yachting

Rich Thoroughgood investigates whether it is possible to combine a holiday with top class race coaching at Wildwind. Weiterlesen

Yachts & Yachting (Advanced Preview)

See a sneak preview of an article about Wildwind which will appear in the June (2011) issue of the magazine. Weiterlesen

Sail World - Living the Dream

Sail World's article about Wildwind. Also on Sail World there are some fantastic photos - see below. Weiterlesen

Living Abroad

Wildwind founder, Simon Morgan, is interviewed about what made him give up his life in London to set up his home and business in Greece all those years ago. Weiterlesen

Sail World - Wildwind Action

Sail World show some great action at Wildwind. Weiterlesen

New Wildwind Article

Read the review of Wildwind written for Norwich Daily News. Weiterlesen

Wildwind in the News of the World

Mark Stevenson gives a novices take on a Wildwind holiday. Weiterlesen

Cowes Online Wildwind Review

An independent review of Wildwind by Cowes Online - www.cowes.co.uk Weiterlesen

Eastern Daily Press article 2009

Read what Oli Franzen and Emma Knights said about Wildwind in the Eastern Daily Press (Saturday Jan 9th) (pdf format - 400k) Weiterlesen

Yachts and Yachting Review 2007

See what catamaran guru Jeremy Evans thought about Wildwind on his trip out in 2007 with his daughter. (pdf format - 400k) Weiterlesen

Review by Lei Chan (Finalist in the Education Journalist of the Year 2007 Awards)

Read Lei's account of a trip to Wildwind. (pdf format - 300k) Weiterlesen

Arte Navale 2005

A stunning looking article in this high-class Italian Magazine (pdf format - 2mb) Weiterlesen

Yachts and Yachting 2007

See what Yachts & Yachting editor, Gael Pawson, and Claire Greeno from Boards magazine thought of the sailing and Windsurfing at Wildwind, Vassiliki (pdf format - 1Mb) Weiterlesen

Dinghy Sailor Magazine 2005

An Article from Dinghy Sailor Magazine featuring Wildwind as one of the Top 10 sailing holiday venues (pdf format - 400k) Weiterlesen

Sunday Express 2006

A glowing report by the Sunday Express of how good Wildwind is for your family holiday. Weiterlesen

Yachts and Yachting 2004

An article which gives an independent perspective on what a Wildwind sailing holiday is all about (pdf format - 700k) Weiterlesen

Guardian 2006

A review in the Guardian newspaper of our 'Healthy Options' holidays - the ideal alternative for partners who want to relax while you go sailing (pdf format - 36k) Weiterlesen

Yachts and Yachting 2001

Reviewing the Hobie 16 European Championships hosted by Wildwind in July 2001 (jpeg format.) Weiterlesen